Workers’ Compensation Case Manager

Empowering Workers' Compensation Injury Management: Seamless Integration with Stakeholders, Real-Time Status Updates, Advanced Digital Authorizations, and Insightful Analytics for Enhanced Safety Oversight

Workers’ Compensation Case Management

Connect your business to clinics, human resources, safety teams and insurance carriers to provide full claim transparency and access to records immediately. No more calls or faxes. Custom permissions so users only see what is pertinent to their role.

Track work injuries

Compare safety across locations worldwide

Understand your most common injuries

Live work status updates

Work Comp Resulting Solutions

Work Comp Resulting Made Easy

Comprehensive employee database. Smart search technology. Quickly find past appointments, previous results, and new orders requiring authorization.

  • Digital Authorizations
  • Live Work Status Updates
  • Comprehensive Data Analytics
  • Track ROI and KPI’s

Digital Service Authorizations

With Digital Service Authorizations, you can bid farewell to the hassle of physically signing documents and dealing with paper trails. Our state-of-the-art digital platform ensures that all your service authorizations are securely stored and accessible whenever and wherever you need them. Say hello to a greener, more sustainable approach to managing your service transaction

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No demos. No sales. No learning curve. Intuitive user interface. Transparent affordable pricing. Organize and simplify your Occupational Health Department today.

Improve Coordination of Care

Improve care coordination for workers compensation claims. No more delayed prior authorizations. Your clients have the ability to provide read only access for specific work injuries to their dedicated adjustors for expedited claim management. Track referrals and expedite case closure with Synchromedics.

Live Work Status Updates

Immediate access to your employee’s work status reports. Need a change? Chat with the clinic or submit a change request directly within Synchromedics. No more delays. Send to your frontline managers with a click.

Comprehensive Data Analytics

Understand which jobs are the most injury prone. Injury by anatomical location. Custom reporting.

Track ROI and KPIs

Recordables, lost time, First Aid cases, and more. Compare your locations and track the safety of your workforce.

Customer Experience

We empower our clients to break away from traditional and archaic practices, and instead, focus on taking care of employees. Providing the necessary tools for clinics and businesses to schedule healthcare appointments, manage paperwork, and simplify results.

The largest software advancement since the eCCF. It’s about time someone thought about an occupational medicine resulting platform that is easy to use and connects to your electronic health record. Ready to use out of the box, I like that Synchromedics is cost effective and mobile friendly!

Board Certified Physician – Occupational Medicine

Dan Bakston M.D.

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No learning curve. Intuitive user interface. Transparent affordable pricing. Organize and simplify your Occupational Health Department today.