Solutions For Urgent Care Facilities

Many urgent care models nationwide offer occupational health services to employers. However, most facilities are not equipped to effectively offer these services. With Synchromedics, your team will perform exceptionally well, having all of the tools they need to stand out against the competition.

Electronic Health Record For Urgent Care Facilities

Compete with the local occupational medicine clinics or provide services that others don’t. Work with corporate clients. Increase cash pay revenue.

Add alternative revenue stream

Reduce resulting times

Increase client satisfaction

Connect with your MRO

Customer Experience

We empower our clients to break away from traditional and archaic practices, and instead, focus on taking care of employees. Providing the necessary tools for clinics and businesses to schedule healthcare appointments, manage paperwork, and simplify results.

The largest software advancement since the eCCF. It’s about time someone thought about an occupational medicine resulting platform that is easy to use and connects to your electronic health record. Ready to use out of the box, I like that Synchromedics is cost effective and mobile friendly!

Board Certified Physician – Occupational Medicine

Dan Bakston M.D.

Designed For Urgent Care Facilities

Occupational Health Management

A new healthcare B2B software solution connecting medical facilities to employers. Keep your OSHA medical records in one place. Workers’ compensation injury transparency. Automation and artificial intelligence. A hands-off, HIPAA compliant solution for our clients. Connect to EHS software, Electronic Medical Records, Human Resource platforms and more! Manage the health of your business world-wide. Synchromedics is the first medical logistics SaaS of its kind.

Getting started with Synchromedics is easy and stress-free.

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No learning curve. Intuitive user interface. Transparent affordable pricing. Organize and simplify your Occupational Health Department today.