The All-in-One Solution for Occupational Health Management. Keep your occhealth records separate from personal medical records. Communicate with Employers. Automated Resulting and Invoicing.
Manage The Health Of Your Business

What Synchromedics Can Do

Synchromedics is a modern practice management solution. Businesses now receive their results the moment their clinic has entered the information. Live work status reports give employers the option to comment and request changes. Track threshold shifts, recordable injuries and more.

  • Employer Portal
  • Practice Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for occupational medicine
  • Drug/Alcohol Resulting
  • OSHA Surveillance Compliance and Tracking
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Service Authorization
  • Workers’ Compensation Case Management and Analytics
  • Corporate digital invoicing
  • WebPay built in
  • Employer Protocols
  • Document Management and Storage
  • Connect to work comp adjustors expedites work comp claims
Our Vision

Changing EHS Software Forever

Simplify the complexities of medical testing and results by connecting businesses to their preferred clinics. Use concurrently with your EHS software system for additional analytics.


Previously, there were EHS systems and EHR systems as standalone products. Employee health was difficult to manage.

With Synchromedics

With Synchromedics, there is a direct connection from businesses and their preferred medical facilities, improving continuity of care.


Modern design. Critical information up-front. Logical workflow. Built by EHS Managers.


Low click rate. Same day rapid results. Desktop Alerts.


Order services from any clinic, communicate effectively, and store records for future comparison.


Simplify employee OSHA testing with Synchromedics

OSHA testing can be a stressful process for most businesses. Tracking employee categories, records, repeat testing and medical follow up is time consuming and sometimes unclear. With Synchromedics, businesses connect directly to medical facilities to view OSHA testing results and coordinate care plans with ease.


Hearing Conservation

Track and compare historical audiograms. Find threshold shifts. Improve safety. Request an Occupational Audiology consultation. Connected to Benson hardware.

Respiratory Protection

Request respirator clearance. Digital OSHA respirator questionnaires. Compare records. Connected to NDD respiratory hardware.

Work Comp Resulting

Comprehensive employee work status reports. Paper-free resulting to any device. Keep your supervisors in the loop. Live updates. Get notified automatically.

Employee Scheduling

Schedule employees to your preferred occupational health clinic. Reminders built in. Immediate results with desktop alerts.

Clinic Chat

Communicate directly and securely with medical facilities at a moment’s notice. Prevent issues before they occur. Reduce call-backs and missed opportunities.

Employee Portal

A full suite of employer services connects your business to any medical facility worldwide.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Order and receive employee drug screen results in one place. Keep historical records. Order from any device. Compare historical records. Provide access to specific groups.

First Aid Training

First responders can use the Synchromedics library to learn and review important first aid topics, improving employee safety and reducing training meetings.

On-site Clinic Record

Track employee OSHA first aid cases, document treatment and coordinate referrals to preferred clinics.

Automated Notifications

Choose from dozens of notification types including: employer, employee and clinic notifications to email, mobile and desktop. Stay up to date throughout the busy workday. Receive drug screen notifications, results of pre-employment physicals, DOT results and more.

Clearance Reports

Looking to expedite new employee onboarding and stay relevant during labor shortages? Synchromedics intuitive and transparent dashboards allow employers to see which employees have passed, failed or are on hold for various reasons. Pre-employment physical results and OSHA Written Medical Opinions are standard.

Artificial Intelligence

Businesses can now scan paper records directly into Synchromedics. Artificial intelligence digitizes your content and provides working data within minutes. Organize your employee medical records today.

Ready to see what Synchromedics can do for your business?

No learning curve. Intuitive user interface. Transparent affordable pricing. Organize and simplify your Occupational Health Department today.