OSHA Surveillance

Meticulous OSHA and DOT Compliance Management: Advanced Surveillance, Precision Audiometry, Essential Respiratory Protection, and Integrated Physicals for Comprehensive Occupational Health Oversight

OSHA Surveillance

Stay OSHA compliant with full-service employee health record keeping. Manage exposures to lead, heavy metals, benzene, asbestos, silia and more.

Streamline your annual medical events

Electronic resulting

Automated results analysis

Connect to NDD Spirometers and Benson Audiometers to provide immediate results

Invite occupational health specialists and audiologists

Review work and non-work related threshold shifts

Custom service prices by client

OSHA Surveillance Solutions

OSHA Surveillance Made Easy

As an employer, it’s important to maintain compliance with OSHA standards. Part of this includes keeping accurate records of employee health and exposure to potential hazards. Our full-service employee health record keeping system can help you do just that.

  • Hearing Conservation
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Heavy Metals
  • Physical Examinations & Testing

Audiometric Testing

Synchromedics offers full scope occupational audiology testing and resulting based on OSHA and CAOHC compliance. Offer baseline, annual, and exit testing. Compare historical results. Determine standard threshold shifts (STS) and work related hearing loss. Invite your audiologist for annual review and follow up.

Respirator Protection

The OSHA Respirator Protection Standard is important to protect the health and safety of your workforce exposed to respiratory threats. Includes pulmonary function testing (spirometry), chest x-ray resulting and respirator mask fit clearance. Compare historical employee records. Connection with NDD spirometry coming soon*

DOT Physicals

Stay Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant with the MedScreen electronic DOT physical integration. Drivers complete their forms online, clinicians render a medical certificate and results are automatically shared with the fleet or logistics team and reported to the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME) database. Built by physician Medical Examiners for the modern medical practice with a low click rate and smart features.

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Heavy Metals

Thorough laboratory reporting monitors your team’s exposure to heavy metals with comprehensive metabolic panels, complete blood counts, and more. Compare historical data to avoid missed exposures and prevent medical comorbidity.

Physical Examinations & Testing

Healthcare providers now have the ability to complete occupational physicals and testing in one place. Flag patients who need additional workup. Import outside records. Provide pre-employment and return to duty work clearance. OSHA workflows including mandatory employer and employee written medical opinions built in.

Customer Experience

We empower our clients to break away from traditional and archaic practices, and instead, focus on taking care of employees. Providing the necessary tools for clinics and businesses to schedule healthcare appointments, manage paperwork, and simplify results.

The largest software advancement since the eCCF. It’s about time someone thought about an occupational medicine resulting platform that is easy to use and connects to your electronic health record. Ready to use out of the box, I like that Synchromedics is cost effective and mobile friendly!

Board Certified Physician – Occupational Medicine

Dan Bakston M.D.

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No learning curve. Intuitive user interface. Transparent affordable pricing. Organize and simplify your Occupational Health Department today.