Electronic Health Records

Transforming Patient Care and Data Management: Elevating Occupational Health with Intelligent EHR Integration, Seamless Online Scheduling, and Real-Time Digital Resulting

Revolutionary Electronic Health Record Software

Input new records quickly and in bulk. Synchromedics will organize your data and present live system updates. Upload historical paper records and watch Synchromedics AI turn your files into digital information, ready for custom reporting and resulting.

Manage and store employee health records

Smart Workflows

Action surveillance data

Automated resulting

Communicate with clients immediately using secure chat

Electronic Health Records Solutions

Electronic Health Records Made Easy

Low click rate. Fast page response rates. Priority data upfront. Historical records quickly reviewed within minutes.

  • Connect Synchromedics to your EHR
  • Online Scheduling
  • Digital Resulting

Connect Synchromedics to your EHR

Currently integrated with some of the worlds largest EHR vendors. Request connectivity to your EHR. Turn any record system into an occupational health platform.

Online Scheduling

Your clients have the option to schedule employer services individually or in groups. Schedule by job type, exposure, and more. Reschedule and cancel as needed. Directly connected to your EHR for a seamless integration.

Digital Resulting

No more faxes, emails or mailed results. Employers receive updates as soon as information is updated by the clinic – a live method and the future of resulting. Track and compare historical records. Synchromedics analyzes your data and suggests OSHA recordables when needed.

Customer Experience

We empower our clients to break away from traditional and archaic practices, and instead, focus on taking care of employees. Providing the necessary tools for clinics and businesses to schedule healthcare appointments, manage paperwork, and simplify results.

The largest software advancement since the eCCF. It’s about time someone thought about an occupational medicine resulting platform that is easy to use and connects to your electronic health record. Ready to use out of the box, I like that Synchromedics is cost effective and mobile friendly!

Board Certified Physician – Occupational Medicine

Dan Bakston M.D.

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