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Frequently asked questions.

Below are some frequently asked questions. If you still have questions send us a message and our team will reach out within the next business day.

How do I sign up?

Simply choose “Get Started” from anywhere on the website to walk through the onboarding process. Enjoy a complimentary 30-day trial and start using Synchromedics today.  No credit card required.

How will Synchromedics help my medical practice?

Synchromedics provides the occupational health workflow your practice is missing. From automated resulting to desktop reminders and corporate billing, we provide the tools you need to operate a successful occupational health practice. Futhermore, Synchromedics helps clinics who may only offer specific services, such as DOT physicals, increase client satisfaction and retention.

What is the cost for clinics?

Synchromedics is $899/clinic location/month and includes all the tools you need to streamline your occupational medicine service line.

Do I have to install anything?

No. We created Synchromedics so you wouldn’t need an I.T. department. Just login, connect to your clients, and get started with service authorizations, testing and resulting.

How does Synchromedics improve clinic efficiency while saving money?

In beta testing, Synchromedics:

  • Reduced back office occupational health resulting time by at least 51%
  • For employers who completed the web based E-Authorization for services, prior to the visit, employee wait times reduced 49%.
  • Saved on average $1782 in clinic revenue per month/per front desk staff member responsible for patient check-in. Annual savings $21,384/front desk staff.
  • Saved on average $435 in clinic revenue per month/Medical Assistant responsible for occupational health resulting. Annual savings $5,227/MA.


(Results based on an average of 2-4 occupational health service visits per hour x 9 hour work day x 22 business days/month).

What is the cost for businesses?

Synchromedics is $499/business location/month and includes the key tools to simplify and track employee health.

How does Synchromedics improve employee health for businesses?

Synchromedics improves the following:

  • Improves the overall HR and Safety workflow by saving time and reducing overhead for mandated employee testing.
  • Creates a single location for all employee health resulting, tracking and monitoring.
  • Reduces erroneous, incomplete or incorrect testing by offering electronic service authorizations.
  • Improves transparency of additional recommended testing for employees that may need additional testing prior to work related medical clearance, reducing visits and reimbursable employee expenses.
  • Reduced clinic resulting times
  • Digitize all historical records with automatic application to the correct employee records.
  • Automated reminders prevent non-compliance and missed testing.
  • Live work status reports

Is Synchromedics an EHR?

Kind of – while it does contain employee medical records, it is not a full EHR. Synchromedics is primarily a B2B CRM tool for occupational health workflow management. It is best used as an adjunct to your EHR or EHS system. Synchromedics helps clinics and businesses work together for a streamlined approach to occupational health services. If you are interested in an EHR or other integration, contact us today.