Occupational Health Management Solutions

Comprehensive, Integrated, and Streamlined Approaches to Elevate Workplace Wellness and Compliance


Simple and Powerful Software Platform for Occupational Health Management

Used independently or connected to an electronic health record, Synchromedics is changing and improving the occupational medicine world, simplifying a complex workflow for both clinicians and employers.

On-site Clinic Records

An excellent solution for businesses that either have an onsite clinic or those who do not. Digitize all of your records immediately with the help of Synchromedics artificial intelligence. Store your records safely and securely with our HIPAA compliant HL7 database. Search records quickly and compare results over time.

Work Comp Resulting

Built for everyone responsible for workers compensation claims, from supervisors to EHS Managers, clinicians and legal teams – the most intuitive user interface available today. Results are available immediately after visits are complete, saving time and your business overhead.

Employee Scheduling

Do you need a web based scheduler to get your employees in for pre-employment physicals, a post offer drug screen or a new work injury? Synchromedics allows businesses to schedule their employees from any device, submit electronic authorizations and manage employee care without the usual burden of miscommunication and delayed results.

Drug Testing Results

Request drug and alcohol testing with the clinic of your choice. Instant testing results available immediately with the employer chain of custody. Track results over time. View historical records in each employee profile.

Corporate Medical Billing

Everyone knows that corporate medical billing can be a significant challenge. Roadblocks include: lost invoices, incorrect service charges, late payments, missed charges, rescheduling, limited working capital, and more.

OSHA Surveillance

Stay OSHA compliant with full-service employee health record keeping. Manage exposures to lead, heavy metals, benzene, asbestos, silia and more.

e-Forms & Library

With Sychromedics, users gain access to a comprehensive suite of digital and web occupational medicine (Occ/Med) forms tailored to the unique demands of modern healthcare professionals. Our platform streamlines the documentation process, ensuring that medical professionals have the essential tools they need at their fingertips.

Secure Messaging

Don’t compromise on your communication. Choose Secure Chat today and see the difference it can make for your hospital management. Visit our website to learn more or request a free demo.

Employer Portal

The most advanced employer health portal ever created. Synchromedics tracks, manages and results all employee medical and HR records with simplicity. Built by occupational medicine specialists, Synchromedics offers the world’s most intuitive workflow, saving your business time and money.

Ready to see what Synchromedics can do for your business?

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