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The first occupational health management platform built for family medicine and their respective urgent care facilities. Offer employer health services with a click.

Occupational Health Management For Primary Care

Is your practice looking to add an additional revenue stream and improve daily operations? Primary care offices nationwide are adding occupational health services to offset lower payor reimbursement and improve care collaboration between departments.

Implement a new revenue stream to your practice

See more patients

Expedite workers' compensation visits

Connect to your EHR

Act as an extension to your OccMed department

Customer Experience

We empower our clients to break away from traditional and archaic practices, and instead, focus on taking care of employees. Providing the necessary tools for clinics and businesses to schedule healthcare appointments, manage paperwork, and simplify results.

The largest software advancement since the eCCF. It’s about time someone thought about an occupational medicine resulting platform that is easy to use and connects to your electronic health record. Ready to use out of the box, I like that Synchromedics is cost effective and mobile friendly!

Board Certified Physician – Occupational Medicine

Dan Bakston M.D.

Benefits of Occupational Health Management for Primary Care

Streamline occupational health services in primary care today. Add the modern tools that you need to offer corporate clients a comprehensive occupational health solution. Allow employers to self schedule, send digital service authorizations, receive automated results and pay corporate invoices online.

All the Features you need in an Electronic Health Record

Synchromedics is not just another EHR — it’s a game-changer. Tailored to the modern healthcare environment, our platform ensures seamless integration, top-tier security, and a user-friendly interface. Start Free Trial

HIPAA compliant with SSL encryptionMeets the highest standards in network security.Approved Icon
Employer portalInstant access to EPS client protocols, authorizations, results,
invoices and more!
Approved Icon
Connect to your EHRConnect to any EHR such as Athenahealth or Experity.
Also connects to HR and EHS platforms.
Approved Icon
Digital service authorizationEmpower your clients to complete authorizations before they
send a service to your clinic. This reduces errors and simplifies
work for your front and back office staff.
Approved Icon
Patient schedulingAllow your clients to schedule their employees based on your
clinic availability, department, location, and more.
Approved Icon
Smart workflowsDesigned by occ/med clinicians who understand the day
to day office requirements.
Approved Icon
Automated resultingData entered by your team is available to your specified EPS clients. Includes built in options for common
testing such as drug screens, audiograms, PFTs, mask fit and more.
Approved Icon
Corporate invoicing + web payComprehensive AR tracking and billing settings to ensure you
get paid timely. Most invoices are paid within 30 days.
Approved Icon
Stripe payment processingUsing the power of Stripe, clinics can leverage online payments
with same day deposits.
Approved Icon
Detailed work status reportsIncludes detailed information for the employer with smart
features that save you time at follow up visits.
Approved Icon
OSHA surveillance and testingFor your clients that need an OSHA surveillance solution,
compare results historically, make decisions faster and help
them remain compliant.
Approved Icon
Workers' compensation case managementFrom initial injury to referral tracking, claims manager simplifies
the entire process and allows EPS clients to invite their
insurance adjustors for expedited review.
Approved Icon
Drug and alchol testingFederal and non-federal resulting and tracking.Approved Icon
Compliance centerTrack staff licensing, equipment calibration and expired supplies.Approved Icon
Message inboxFax, chat and link your email inbox to keep your day to day work
in one place.
Approved Icon
User PermissionsChoose what users see and how they use the system.Approved Icon
NotificationsIn-app, desktop and email notifications. You choose what you
want to see.
Approved Icon
Forms libraryAccess to a comprehesive suite of digital and web occ/med forms.Coming Soon Icon
Employer mobile appGreat for managers on the go. Provides all the essential features to
authorize, schedule and view employee results.
Coming Soon Icon
Data analyticsShow your clients how well you do business with data driven KPIs
and ROIs.
Coming Soon Icon
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Modern design. Critical information up-front. Logical workflow. Built by EHS Managers.


Low click rate. Same day rapid results. Desktop Alerts.


Order services from any clinic, communicate effectively, and store records for future comparison.

Designed For Urgent Care Facilities

Occupational Health Management

A new healthcare B2B software solution connecting medical facilities to employers. Keep your OSHA medical records in one place. Workers’ compensation injury transparency. Automation and artificial intelligence. A hands-off, HIPAA compliant solution for our clients. Connect to EHS software, Electronic Medical Records, Human Resource platforms and more! Manage the health of your business world-wide. Synchromedics is the first medical logistics SaaS of its kind.

Getting started with Synchromedics is easy and stress-free.

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No learning curve. Intuitive user interface. Transparent affordable pricing. Organize and simplify your Occupational Health Department today.