Connecting Medical Facilities to Businesses Worldwide

Synchromedics is the first occupational health customer relationship management (CRM) tool which connects clinics to businesses worldwide. Order, result and manage employee health testing with a single, simple solution.


Applicable to all industries. Our healthcare clients include large urgent care groups, occupational medicine practices, hospitals, family practice and more. Our corporate clients include international manufacturing, warehousing, construction, shipping and more. No sales teams or demos required.

Business Associate Agreement Included with All Accounts

A business associate agreement establishes a legally-binding relationship between HIPAA covered entities and business associates to ensure complete protection of protected health information (PHI). BAA’s are automatically included with all Synchromedics accounts and digitally singed before users access healthcare records.

Automated Resulting

With smart workflows, the clinical team will enter results directly into Synchromedics. Results are immediately available to the employer without faxing, scanning or emailing. Employers will have immediate access to employee results, expediting the onboarding process.

Digital Service Authorizations

With Digital Service Authorizations, employers have the ability to quickly choose which services to order and which clinic to send their employees to. Choosing from a standing protocol clarifies the work order for clinicians. Reduce patient wait times, error rates, and unnecessary testing.



Desktop Notifications

With the busy day to day, notifications are critical to an efficient workflow. Synchromedics offers In-app, desktop and email notifications. You choose which alerts you want to see. This ensures your team and EPS clients stay informed at all times, improving communication and expediting critical decisions.

Corporate Invoicing with Webpay

Synchromedics offers comprehensive EPS invoicing and web pay. Custom billing terms with automation. Manage accounts receivables, track invoices and accept payments online. Connected to Stripe for same day payments. Most invoices are paid within 30 days or less.

API Integrations and Software Automations

Connect to your electronic health record, human resources software, and EHS systems. Reduce staff time spent with repeat data entry. Share records securely. Keep documents visible where they are needed most.

Employer Portal

Using Synchromedics’ occupational health employer portal, corporate clients are able to authorize services, view results, and pay their invoices online. All while being directly connected to medical facilities worldwide. Built to provide a deep understanding of corporate health.

HIPAA Compliant

Keep your records secure. Ensure confidentiality of your PHI. Comprehensive SSL data encryption. Business Associate Agreement included with all accounts at no additional cost. Create user roles and permissions to manage access.

Ready to see what Synchromedics can do for your business?

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